My name is Tom Mangan. I used to be a news guy; now I’m a technology storytelling guy.

I started this one-man storytelling enterprise on Valentine’s Day, 2011 (hey, it seemed romantic at the time).

When I went to County Clerk’s Office to register my new business, they asked for a business name. I had to call it something and Verb Nerd Industries seemed catchy at the time.

I can say with firm resolution that this name caught me precisely zero clients.

But it did get me in the storytelling business

The name remained, mostly because I was too busy building a business to change it. But it turned out I was on to something. Indeed, Verb Nerd Industries came to represent three pillars of my storytelling enterprise:

  • Verbs matter the most. Sure, nouns and adjectives identify and describe. But verbs drive action and produce results. Storytelling must do the same.
  • Nerds are my favorite people. I was a technology geek before Mosaic was a browser. I get a kick out of learning why techies build things. And I enjoy crafting narratives explaining how these tools make life better for real people.
  • Fortune favors the industrious. Working with dozens of tech clients over more than a decade convinces me that nothing beats a deft combination of ingenuity, resourcefulness and hard work.

Let’s do some storytelling together

If you need a B2B technology writer who digs deep to understand why your customers buy from you, you’ve got a few choices:

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