I’m Tom Mangan, and Verb Nerd Industries is my one-man enterprise.

I’m a B2B content marketing writer and editor specializing in technology, healthcare, fitness, insurance, and renewable energy. (Check out my approach to content marketing.)

I worked in newspapers including the San Jose Mercury News for a couple of decades up through 2009, when I left the newspaper biz.

Today I’m a full-time content professional. I work mostly on the marketing side of things, but all those years in journalism have made me a fiend for research, accuracy, balance, taste, and just plain old common sense. (Check out my process)

As a freelancer, I’ve worked for household-name brands like Priceline, Motorola, and Stanford University. I’ve written about two-way radios, edited webpages for some of the world’s brightest engineering students, and sculpted copy for personal trainers and other fitness professionals.

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