How bloggers will make a living

In a couple years, Jason Calcanis says, the most popular blogs will all belong to celebrities.

If every celebrity wants a blog in 2006, and writing talent is spread among celebrities in about the same proportion as the general population, there’s gonna be huge demand for ghost bloggers — people who do the writing so the famous people don’t have to.

Calcanis, the brains behind the blog of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, also says that between 80 and 95 percent of the population today has never heard of a blog. That’ll all change when the Britneys of the world become bloggers. Once a big star like, say, Tom Cruise, has a blog, everybody else’ll want one.

That’s when blogging becomes truly mainstream.

Even the people capable of writing their own blog posts will be too busy with their careers. And when professional sports comes to mind, writers should see big blazing dollar signs.

The two best things about celebs is that 1) They crave public attention; and 2) they generally have scads of money.

The challenge for bloggers is that they don’t know any rich, famous people. But I’ll guarantee you something: If you start a really good blog devoted to your favorite celeb, he or she will find you. Or their publicists will.

What you do is: create this wonderful celeb blog, attract all this attention and traffic, and when the celeb’s “people” contact you, you say, “well, you know, I’d love to be able to do this full-time, but …..”

It seems like a cinch that the forces that got Romenesko hired by the Poynter Institute can be turned to your advantage.

The downside is that like Romenesko, most of your blogging is for somebody else’s amusement, but there’s no crime in getting paid for something you’d do for free.

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