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How bloggers will make a living

In a couple years, Jason Calcanis says, the most popular blogs will all belong to celebrities. If every celebrity wants a blog in 2006, and writing talent is spread among celebrities in about the same proportion as the general population,…

The kind of blog a newspaper needs

Last Saturday I saw the San Francisco Giants defeat the Florida Marlins. I knew the score but I had to read the Merc’s account of the game in Sunday’s paper. I’m habitually going to the Internet Movie Database or…

PR guy has a swell blog

Steve Rubel, NYC PR dude, pointed me to Micro Persuasion, his blog about the intersection of news, publicity and blogging. Good stuff, especially judging from his Technorati profile.

USA Today discovers Iraqi bloggers

Here’s the scoop. What’s interesting to me about the Iraqi bloggers is not their actions, but their audience — judging from the comments at the blogs I’ve seen, the readers are mostly Americans desperate to be told what they want…

Blogging and the Pulitzers, cont.

Lively discussion happening in the comments for last night’s post about whether bloggers could win Pulitzers. Weighing in: blogging heavyweight Dave Winer vs. muckraking heavyweight Derek Willis.

Bloggers and the Pulitzers

Dan Gillmor on the Pulitzer Prizes: It’s nearly inconceivable that a blogger or even a group of bloggers, lacking the resources of a major news organization (including First Amendment lawyers), would have produced any of these projects. It’s inconceiveable only…

Neal Pollack’s blogging again

After several months of silence, is making noises. The big news is that Neal seems to have abandoned his alter ego, also named Neal Pollack, at least for the purposes of his blog. Alas, that was Neal’s one claim…

To the blogosphere

If you go to all the trouble of creating an April Fools page riffing on Romenesko: Please trouble yourself to make it funny.