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Enough of this affirmative action…

… for underqualified white guys, Leonard Pitts says. So, loath though I am to position myself as a spokesman, I feel confident in saying one thing on behalf of black journalists everywhere: When and if our industry decides to deal…

Making sense of Columbine

Dave Cullen deflates the popular myths about the high school massacre. The first steps to understanding Columbine, they say, are to forget the popular narrative about the jocks, Goths, and Trenchcoat Mafia and to abandon the core idea that Columbine…

Outsourcing and brain drain

It’s OK when we lure the best and the brightest away from their homelands, but it sucks when their homelands lure them back. The problem is not the inevitable transfer of certain business functions to where they can most efficiently…

Have a Danish on us

Turns out Denmark is the Web-savviest of all nations, and the U.S. of A. isn’t even in the top five. Must be their porn is better than ours. Link via editorsweblog.

Mark Cuban on the stock market

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks talks about how things are really done on Wall Street. Must reading for market dabblers. Link via Trader Mike, owner of one of the best stock market blogs going.

Gandhi v. Osama

Danto sent along a link to somebody’ s idea of how a debate between Osama bin Ladin and Mahatma Gandhi might shape up. Bit of a long read but worth the trouble; set aside some time and check it out.

Smoking Gun indeed

Here’s the famous FBI memo warning the snoozers in D.C. that known associates of Osama Bin Laden were taking aviation classes in Arizona. I’d love to meet the morons who ignored this memo and pour hot coffee in their laps.

Back Friday, maybe

Too much totally stupid shit is happening in the blogosphere right now and it’s making me depressed. Need to rest the eyes and the brain… be back soon.

Our brush with the P.P.

Not long after I got to work on Monday, a note went out to the newsroom to gather at the photo desk. Three of our photographers were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for feature photography, and the winners were just…