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Rush is back

On Nov. 17, MediaPost reports. I suggest we litter our pages with extra doses of liberal do-gooderism to give him plenty of material to work with upon his return.

‘Simpsons’ apologizes

… says Matt Groening was only kidding about Fox suing itself. I’m linking this in the interest of fair and balanced coverage of Fox News (pretend you can see me smirking).

Happy Halloween

… and in keeping with my tradition of ripping on everything good and traditional, I offer this link to a Canadian newspaper which says the Martian Invasion Hoax of 1938 was the subject of an even greater hoax: the notion…

War: who decides the winner

From a WashPost Op-Ed piece, if you missed it the other day: It’s war because our undefeated enemies say it is and behave accordingly. In that stubborn resistance lies a fundamental truth that seems too often to have eluded American…

‘The county is on fire’

Ken Stone, online editor for SignOn San Diego, has put in more than 16 hours of overtime and given up a couple vacation days to help the Web site cover the big fires. Here’s the e-mail he sent to friends…