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Newsdesigner feels the love

The guy put in some major keyboard time tracking how papers played the Fallujah atrocities story, and it’s getting him noticed.

Timely rants

Jen’s baggage got lost on the way to Gainesville. Willcopy has had it with gossip posing as entertainment coverage.

Blogging from Ocala

Jeremy Verdusco, copy editor at the Ocala Star Banner, has created, where he plans to perform the usual blogging tasks. What’s unusual about Jeremy’s new blog is that he’s put a lot of work into polishing its look before…

Clifton on Beltway folkways

Doug Clifton gives a nice summary of the Richard Clarke affair. I thought this passage was telling: Let’s assume Clarke’s version of things is true. He thought the Bush administration was being less than attentive to the terrorist threat but…

Quote of the day

Bring nearly 400 copy editors together for three days in a confined space and you produce magic. And bitching. Clay, summarizing last week’s ACES shindig

A fond goodbye

Travis Smith talks about his last day as editor of And then it happened. Eyes got moist. A tear was seen — two or three, truth be told. Hugs were shared. What had been joking, and sad, and a…

Hire Tequila Mockingbird

Seems her most recent employer no longer needs her. Great chance for somebody to snag the writingest blogger I know.

Tasty blogroll

I’m still on vacation this week so today you get a list of cool links to check out; the scintillating commentary will have to wait till later. Editorsweblog: More Californians read the New Yorker than New Yorkers do. Nicole Stockdale…