Tasty blogroll

I’m still on vacation this week so today you get a list of cool links to check out; the scintillating commentary will have to wait till later.

Editorsweblog: More Californians read the New Yorker than New Yorkers do.

Nicole Stockdale links to true tales of linguist humor.

Forgot who posted this wonderful link: How to increase your blog’s readership.

Infomaniac links to PCWorld’s story telling about this strange universe Beyond Google.

Autumn shares a Bill Walsh Brain Teaser.

Speaking of Bill, here are several ways to get him really, really pissed (in the U.S. sense, not the Brit one).

Maud says Howell Raines is writing a book.

Winkie keeps having more fun in Japan. We’ll never get him home in time for next year’s ACES conference at this rate.