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Chomsky’s blog

Everybody else is linking to it, so I may as well too. Noam’s become something of a crank in his old age, but he’s entertaining from a “yeah, but what if it were all true?” perspective.

Get your tweaks on

The good folks at FACSNET post “tweaks” — fun quotes about the news biz — on the SPJ listserv. I bookmarked the tweaks page ages ago, and this morning I finally remembered to check back in. Here’s one of the…

What’s out there, anyway?

Sheila Lennon points to a wonderful slide show of pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Seeing pictures of galaxies colliding and suns exploding really makes me wonder, what is that stuff, and what’s happening there? What can I say? I…

Unforgiveably off-topic

But hilarious: The legend of Johnny Highwaycone. (well, kinda on topic because I found the link at the blog of that Dallas Morning News guy I mentioned the other day.)

Schott in the dark

Because it had to be done: Marge Schott’s afterlife, thanks to the Photoshop pranksters at Link via sidesaled

Mascara of the damned

I didn’t read all this story, but I loved the headline: “Makeup tips for the bleak” Link via Mighty Girl.

What Orkut is good for

I hadn’t been logged into Orkut in a couple days so I clicked a few minutes ago. Finally the damn thing has proved useful. I noticed that Nicole Stockdale has added new “friends” to her list, one of whom is…

For all you Scrabblehounds

Side Salad shares this wonderful link, which converts words to Scrabble scores: Pholph’s Scrabble GeneratorMy Scrabble? Score is: 30.What is your score? Get it here. Who’d a thunk chaff was such a great Scrabble word?