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Two chuckles

1) Maud Newton wins a caption contest. 2) Sheila Lennon underscores the risks of putting pictures of yourself online. (This is another of those hilarious examples of goofing off with Photoshop.)

A linguist in hell

… no, this has nothing to do with working on the copy desk; it’s an amusing retrofit of a “guy gets to choose between heaven and hell” joke you’ve probably already heard. It has linguists but no Chomsky (I just…

WiFi on the Mall

I’m talking about the National Mall, in Washington, D.C. It now has a wireless access point. So, next time you’re there you’ll know why all those geeky-looking people with laptops are gathered behind the Capitol — most likely a violation…

An item for your spring Brides section

This guy got more than 3 grand for his ex-wife’s wedding dress. All he had to do was pose in it. (Link via Mme. Paquin) Update: More on the seller, thanks to Sheila Lennon’s blog.

For all you dial-up users

The New York Times says you have lots of company. Up to now, the market for high-speed connections has been dominated by the young, educated, affluent and tech-savvy. In some circles, it is considered not just functional, but an essential…

Don’t burn the flag: Wash it

Sheila Lennon links to an example of peaceniks getting smart. Burning the flag makes the flag-wavers foam at the mouth but how on earth could they object to people cleansing it?