For all you biz/financial editors

Occurs to me there might be a story in the profusion of blogs about the stock market.

I’m a bit of a dabbler, as you might’ve noticed after my reams of verbiage about the Google IPO. Last summer I started reading, the blog of an Atlanta guy who trades stocks for a living (and also has an expansive taste in hip-hop). Back then there was Mike and a few others, but in the past month or so he’s been posting quite a few links to new stock market blogs.

Tonight I got an e-mail from another guy with a stock-trading blog. His name’s Bob and he’s got a real jones for stock picking. Bob’s linking to me so I’m returning the favor.

If you’re not an active trader their posts might all sound like gibberish, but if you’re a market follower you oughta be a market blog follower.

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