Oregon commuters channel the Doc

The Back Seat, a commuting column at the Oregonian, seems to have invited readers to imagine how Hunter Thompson would handle a commute into Portland. Sample:

While beating out the flames from a small fire my attorney inadvertently set in the back seat, I let the Shark wander onto the shoulder, causing a hitchhiker to jump from the I-5 shoulder.

The freak fell 45 feet down the embankment towards John’s Landing, and is now demanding cash for his injuries.

My attorney is useless as a witness — he fled to Pago Pago, and is in a coma. Isn’t hitchhiking on an Interstate illegal to begin with?

HST can be imitated but not equaled. For this the federal narcotics enforcers are thankful.

Thanks to Bob Patterson for the link (you have to click through a little registration thing the Oregonian has … it won’t kill you).

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