Workin’ on the P.M.

A bunch of the people I work with used to produce the afternoon edition of the Mercury News. Their stories always start, “back when we were on the P.M….”

Turns out the paper in Pittsburgh has done the unthinkable: brought back its P.M. edition. There’s an interesting discussion of it at the new visual editors’ board. The point they’re hoping to prove in Pittsburgh is that an afternoon edition can catch on if you sell it in newsstands and places where large numbers of people assemble, like downtown.

Whether it’s paying its own way is too soon to tell, I imagine, but at least it’s a sign of somebody trying something new. Well, old… I’m just sayin’.

Something else the old-timers joke about: how every bad old idea becomes a good new one … it’s like hemlines, sooner or later everything comes back in style.

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