Lots o’ links

Nicole Stockdale on essential Ralph Nader details

Oregonian’s public editor on why they ran a picture of a mom grieving the death of her son killed in Iraq. File under: Public doesn’t want to know the cost of this war of ours.

Former Ladies Home Journal editor “takes aim at what she calls the Girls Club, a sorority of elite gatekeepers who pander to celebrities (gasp!), disguise a liberal agenda in their shows and on their pages, and undermine healthy, independent women with anxiety-provoking stories about health, weight and sex.”

Newsday explains its redesign.

Howie Kurts on pundits getting campaigns wrong.
“… like generals fighting the last war, they wound up using muskets and cannonballs in an age of laser-guided missiles.”

$1 billion libel suit against Akron Beacon Journal allowed to continue.

ASNE award winners announced.

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