Today I do a lot of work with the excellent team at Blue Star Design, a branding, design, and content marketing agency based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our clients include:

I also do substantive editing for the IDEA Fitness Journal and American Fitness, a quarterly publication of the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Latest Articles, by Topic

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HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention

Is a cure coming?

HIV lab tests: Understanding your CD4 and viral load results

I’ve just been diagnosed HIV-positive. Now what?

HIV decriminalization part 1: Undetectable=untransmittable

Why HIV criminalization doesn’t work

6 ways to join the fight against HIV criminalization

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Business liability insurance

How hotels can avoid a negligence lawsuit

What Hotels Can Learn from the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

How Rideshare Apps Affect Restaurant Liability

Facing up to the Explosion of Cybercrimes

5 Steps Your Restaurant Can Take to Reduce Foodborne Illness Liability

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Forensic engineering

Why Concrete Testing Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Hurricanes Illustrate Need for Building Envelope Testing

Why Your Case Needs an Accident Reconstruction Expert

Why Experience Matters in a Slope Stability Analysis

Submersible Robots Make Testing Concrete Construction Simpler and Safer

Forensic Engineering Solves Culpability Question In Water Damage Cleanup

Marine renewables: offshore wind, tidal power, wave energy

5 Complications for Tidal and Wave Energy Devices

Innovations Shrink Offshore Wind Timelines

Why the U.S. Ocean Energy Market Faces One Big Challenge that Europe Doesn’t

Universities’ Focus on Underwater Engineering is a Welcome Development in Offshore Wind

Looking to Asia for Offshore Wind Opportunities

Artificial Island Sparks Innovation In Wind Energy

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Is Finally Ready for Prime Time


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