The storytelling and shoe-leather reporting that come as second nature to journalists may not be so instinctive to communicators in other lines of work like marketing and public relations.

whitepaperjournalistThat’s what inspired Reputation Capital to publish “How to Write a White Paper like a Journalist,” a white paper that shows how journalists put a story together and encourages marketers to use those techniques to create credible, interesting content that’ll encourage people to buy their wares.

I’m one of the panelists in a webinar tomorrow (Feb. 7, 2013) organized by the content marketing pros at Reputation Capital that expands on three of the key topics covered in their white paper. Go here to sign up; it’s at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific.

Reputation Capital’s founder quoted me throughout the white paper but I’d actually prefer to divert some attention toward Michelle Rafter, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, who’s also quoted in the paper and is joining the webinar. Michelle has impressive credentials as a freelance journalist and knows white papers front to back.

The webinar will talk about the one thing all journalists do that few other people do: track down interesting sources, interview them and use their best quotes to help tell a great story. I was smack dab in the middle of this sort of thing for more than 20 years in the newspaper biz. I was on the editing end, but I always knew what the reporters were trying to do; my job was to help them get it done.

If you’ve got about 45 minutes to spare, stop by tomorrow’s webinar. Reputation Capital summarized its white paper in two blog posts: