Cat Stock bog screen grabI applied what I learned with Two-Heel Drive to launch this site in the winter of 2008-09.

The blog paired my interest in the stock market with my personal connections to Caterpillar Inc., a Dow 30 corporation based in my hometown.

I figured daily news of Cat’s financial fortunes could become must reading for the company’s workforce, suppliers and customers — a potential audience of over 100,000 people. Content targeting that audience could generate reliable revenue because financial-sector keywords are among the top performers on Google Adsense.

Just a few of the things I did:

  • Reported a quarterly earnings announcement in real time.
  • Reported the daily stock close with charts and commentary on news, price and volume.
  • Attracted a content partnership offer with Seeking Alpha, a popular financial news and blogging site.
  • Developed an expansive list of links, authorities and news sources in the construction equipment industry.

It was a fun experiment, but I had to shelve it because Two-Heel Drive generated more lucrative demands on my time.