Houston in my head

Last night I dreamed I was at the ACES conference but I had forgotten my luggage. And I never did find my room. Speaking of the conference, here are details for getting there from Houston’s two airports.

Bridge too far

Why are we still running bridge columns that nobody has a clue how to edit? The Testy Copy Editors don’t know for sure either. While you’re over there, enter the Jump Head Competition.

Lessons of complacency

The subject of this rant is me. That is, something insufferably stupid that I did, compounded because there were safety mechanisms built in to avoid such a thing but for about 30 seconds I was lazy, smug and sloppy enough…

Sign o’ the times

Editor & Publisher is going from weekly to monthly You need look no further than my job links pages to know why: the only reason anybody bought E&P was for the help-wanted ads, which are conspicuously available all sorts of…

Career advice

This is an excerpt from an e-mail I sent to a colleague who was wondering about job opportunities in certain papers. If you get called for an interview, check out the ages of the people who work there… if there…