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Snapshot of the editing life, 2003-04

“Prints the Chaff”was a blog for editors I created in the fall of 2003 and updated more than 800 times till the last post of any consequence appeared in May 2004. I removed the site when I stopped updating, but…

Way overdue link paybacks

Haven’t done this since January so it’s time to point out all the good, friendly people who link to these friendly environs. PJ Net — Blog of the Public Journalism Network. Shake the Cat — “pardon me, but there’s a…

Are contractors mercenaries?

Some of the lefty blogs have started calling the “civilian contractors” in Iraq mercenaries. The idea being: they’re mostly ex-military and they’re in Iraq for the big bucks. Guns for hire, mainly. But my understanding of the term is that…

3-day weekend alert

We have this fine thing called a union contract that obliges some of us to stay home on Presidents Day, so blogging will be limited today. I do have one thing to pass along, though: Tim Porter sent some fresh…

Bunch of links on the California recall

At An update: wouldn’t you know that there’d be actual news on the one day I linked to a site that hasn’t been updated in a week.

Mario Garcia on why newspapers change

And why a redesign was imposed on the good people of Miami. (Link via the Journalism Blog)Here’s the Herald’s guide to the redesign.

Tech at its finest

So I click on this link at Editor and Publisher about the Denver Post’s new web site (more like a newspaper, they say), then I click on the link for the actual site and it won’t load. And I wonder:…

Missiles and gasoline

Sure, it’s guy talk, but there’s an interesting thread about both at