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On corrections

Florida J-student Heather Leslie ponders what ought to be corrected, and what oughtn’t.

Well editing

CJR’s langauge corner on the proper use of well. The superstition about “well” seems more widespread than common sense might suggest. Why? A craving for absolutes, perhaps, leading to misguided pedantry. It is well to resist such temptations. Another way…

What is narrative

Jeff shares his thoughts and those of other people schooled in such things. (Yes, Side Salad was a lot more fun but that’s his businesss).

Letters from the front

… duplicated so soldiers can get back to their primary work of doing good deeds on behalf of the people of America (as a courtesy we are not, as far as I know, requiring the people of Iraq to repay…

Clay on the Copy Editor Code

Copy Massage, who collects dictionaries for fun, is working on his personal Code of Copy Editing. Stop by and help him add new stuff. A highlight: 3.) I will express my concerns. Copy editors do their job toward the end…