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Bunch of links on the California recall

At An update: wouldn’t you know that there’d be actual news on the one day I linked to a site that hasn’t been updated in a week.

Mario Garcia on why newspapers change

And why a redesign was imposed on the good people of Miami. (Link via the Journalism Blog)Here’s the Herald’s guide to the redesign.

Tech at its finest

So I click on this link at Editor and Publisher about the Denver Post’s new web site (more like a newspaper, they say), then I click on the link for the actual site and it won’t load. And I wonder:…

Missiles and gasoline

Sure, it’s guy talk, but there’s an interesting thread about both at

Maud’s grandma’s favorite sayings

These are pretty darn funny. I got great laughts on the metro desk on night when I mentioned that one of my grandma’s favorite sayings was, “stirrin’ up shit just makes it smell worse.”

Where you came from

My old blogs at and will remain posted indefinitely, so don’t worry about having missed anything. Of course all those links will be out of date in a week, but what’s the Web without a few dead links,…

Hi all, this is the new place

It’s hosted on my own domain at The full links title is The main advantage of this setup is that it has a good comments engine and a searchable database of all posts made to the blog. As…