Why things must be great…

… on the desk at the Dallas Morning News:

A memo about the “Revolution” in the newsroom there mentions the copy desk only once, in regards to the boss of the copy desks now ruling the design/visual realm as well. Voluminous verbiage is expended in explaining all the other changes happening there.

My first instinct, naturally, is that the desks at the News provides such a firm grounding in judgment, work ethic and overall excellence that they have earned an exemption from the latest glass-office carnage.

I don’t know anything about how the News newsroom works … the memo has a a faint whiff of “as usual the desk is invisible to top editors” … but there are other possibilities afoot.

It occurs to me the News’ bosses could well be thinking, “We need our deskers doing their jobs and getting plates to the pressroom on time. We can’t afford the luxury of fixing something that isn’t broken.” Let’s just think happy thoughts today, because it’s Friday, and assume that’s the case.