Houston Chron blog

So last month the editor of the Houston Chronicle sits in on my blogging talk at the ACES conference, and this month the Chron has a spanking new culture blog by Kyrie O’Connor, assistant managing editor for features. It’s called MeMo. Excerpt from the most recent dispatch.

2. pro-burka quote of the day, from brazoria county d.a. jeri yenne, in reference to those sunbathing hoydens: “women need to put their tops on”. actually, isn’t that completely wrong? doesn’t she mean that women must not take their tops off? or that women need to KEEP their tops on? I mean, the way she has it, women implicitly already have their tops off, and they need to be compelled to get dressed again. sigh. angels dancing on the left cup of a triangle bikini top, I know. but someone has to keep our public servants grammatically honest. that someone is me.

I swear, I did not once say “capitalization is optional” during my presentation. They dreamed that up on their own. Actually this strikes me as a pretty good start for a newspaper person (they make us turn in our coolness at the front door). But I’d go ahead and deploy the caps key.

Link via People’s Republic of Seabrook