Winkie’s in Tokyo

Sid recounts his arrival halfway around the world:

    I feel kinda worldly having gone from Hurricane, W.Va., to Tokyo within 48 hours. One day I’m scrapin’ possum off the highway for dinner and the next I’m at a cozy little joint near Nishi-Azabu, downing some Japanese-made pizza with prawn balls (no, I don’t know how they get their little legs apart). Barely made it through dinner ? hell, I was hallucinating by the time we got to Rainbow Bridge. Traffic going into Tokyo from Narita was great until we hit the bridge, then it took us half an hour to cross the bridge. One bridge. Between the “Blade Runner” cityscape, the giant-ass neon Ferris wheel you see as you’re coming in and a complete absence of sleep on my part I had some amazing visions. During dinner I think I felt my soul leave my body. Do they ever slip blotter acid into those lemon cookies?