A day at the beach

Why Mondo Winkie’s family is probably not like yours:

We all had been making merry (drinking a lot) and my granddad, dad and I decide to go walk on the beach. Yes, the mid-Atlantic beach is cold during Christmastime, but it’s sunny, empty and usually beautiful. We were strolling along, bonding, when Granddad had to take a leak. Since nobody else was on the beach, he just walked up to the waves, faced the ocean and started whizzing (yes, he had opened his fly).

Two things happened to make this a memorable moment. The first, of course, is my dad took a photo ? a great shot from behind of Granddad standing, bundled up in his anorak with his arms at his sides, facing the ocean as waves crash in front of him. It was the kind of shot any family would have displayed in their home if it weren’t for the fact that you clearly can see a stream of pee arcing to the left.

The second thing that made this moment perfect was the fact that just after Granddad started peeing a flock of pelicans flew right in front of him, very close to the shore and barely above the water, probably looking for a lunchtime snack in the breakers below. Without missing a beat, Granddad declares “Those pelicans thought they saw a giant worm on the beach and had to fly in for a closer look.”