Verb Nerd Industries specializes in B2B technology content marketing — blog posts, ebooks, white papers, webinar coverage, thought-leadership articles and so on.

I’m also conversant in HIV care and prevention, health and fitness, specialty business insurance and marine-renewable energy. Over the years I’ve written about wireless technology, VoIP, e-commerce, heavy industry, careers, finance and a few I’ve probably forgotten. But technology content marketing is my primary focus.

My process starts like this:

You contact me and we set up a free consultation to define your content needs.

Before the call, I’ll vist your website, check out your content and start looking for opportunities to make things even better.

What I ask during the first call

I need to know what you want before I can figure out whether I can deliver it. So, I ask a lot of stuff like:

  • Why do you want written content?
  • Why do you think I’m the right one to write it?
  • Do you have a written content strategy? (If not, I can help you create one).
  • What’s the defining feature of your business?
  • How is the marketplace misinformed about your business?
  • Who is the general audience for your content?
  • What specific kinds of people do you hope to reach with your content?
  • How would you suggest we connect with them?
  • How much content do you need, and when do you need it?
  • How will you help with distributing the content? (Tweets, Facebook groups, blog networks, discussion forums, etc.)

Don’t worry, you can ask me some questions too.

Learning your business

To write copy that helps your business grow, I need insight from your top people — the ones who best understand your marketplace, your customers, your processes and all the pressures you face.

So, it’s a good idea to set up interviews with people of your choosing who can best convey your company’s value and appeal. I’ll record calls with them and create transcripts that can use to develop content in the future.

Rates, fees, etc.

Economic issues are negotiated case-by-case.

For example, I quoted these rates to a midsized software firm in 2017 (they hired me, by the way):

  • $1,500. In-depth journalistic article with 3-5 in-person interviews*; 1,300-1,600 words
  • $1,000. Reported journalistic article with 2-3 in-person interviews; 900-1,200 words
  • $800. Reported journalistic article with 2-3 in-person interviews; 700-850 words
  • $550. Journalistic article based on a single source — an in-person interview or review of a webinar, video, etc.; 550-650 words.
  • $350. Standard blog post based on existing marketing collateral, interview transcripts and internet research; 550-650 words.

(“In-person” means calls on landlines, Skype or another video conferencing app).

Those are ballpark figures. There’s always wiggle room depending on the volume of the work, the complexity of the assignments and the number of revisions. For instance, a one-off project with four blog posts and an ebook isn’t priced like a three-blogs-a-month plan that lasts a year.

Assignments, deadlines, production, invoicing

  • We start with assignments — what you’d like written or edited, including the format (Word, Google Docs, etc.), structure (blog, ebook, etc.), length and volume of research.
  • Deadlines will depend on your needs and my schedule, but as long as we give ourselves plenty of flexibility, we shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Production is the process of handing in deliverables to you and doing revisions if you need them.
  • I invoice every 30 days at mid-month (net-30). Checks or direct deposit are fine.

That covers the basics. Visit my contact page to set up your free consultation.