Twitter connected me with Lindsey Lohr Cox, a freelance writer and editor who lives nearby. She had a blog hosted on but wanted something more polished, hosted under her own domain, that allowed her to focus on her work and not worry about the mechanics of installing a new website.

Screen grab of, developed by Verb Nerd IndustriesShe also wanted a clean, simple design and didn’t want to throw much money at it. What I did:

Recommended a Web host: We went with Host Gator, which is inexpensive and has a reputation for reliability.

Chose an effective WordPress theme: Magazine Basic by — this has immense flexibility on design, layout and composition and can have a sophisticated site up and running very quickly.

Designed the header: I shot a close-up of a heavily used laptop keys to convey the image of a hard-working writer and used Helvetica Neue UltraLight for a clean, elegant look on the key typography.

Imported Lindsey’s old site: Installed a WordPress plugin that automated the import of text from of her old blog.

Created custom menus: These are based on the categories from her site. These navigational aides are essential to making a site more sticky: getting people to stay once they arrive.

Optimized for SEO: Magazine Basic has built-in SEO tools: I added a site description and essential keywords.

Lindsey’s response:

I love, love, love my new look. Thank you for your hard work & expertise. I’m 100% satisfied!

Thanks, Lindsey, for being such a great client.

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