The problem: Your stable of subject-matter experts really know their stuff, but they can’t always put it into words.

The Solution: Hire me. I specialize in rescuing the work of subject-matter experts who are not professional writers. My key assets:

  • Intuition: I have an intuitive sense of word choice, sentence structure and story flow.
  • Patience: I take the time to tease the story from a tangled morass of copy.
  • Experience: I’ve been a deadline news editor for more than 20 years.
  • Flexibility: I can adapt to just about any niche — news, politics, fitness, recreation, finance, economics, technology, digital media, movies, music, social sciences, to name a few.

My fees

Tough rewrites typically max out at $100 per 1,000 words, so a 750-word article might set you back just $75, while a 4,000-word opus might come in at $400.  It all depends on how serious the disaster is, and how much your time is worth.

Got a trainwreck on your hands? Drop me an e-mail and let’s talk it out.