Picture of a Canon A710 ISI wrote a post on Two-Heel Drive illustrating you don’t need an high-dollar camera to bring good pictures home from a hike. Excerpt:

A lot of people assume I use a fancy gazillion-dollar digital camera for the pictures I post on Two-Heel Drive. Actually, I use an economical (indeed obsolete) Canon A710 IS that has been dropped, kicked and scraped across half of the Bay Area and North Carolina.

I’ve written dozens of how-to’s over the years. Among my faves:

How-to’s are one of the best ways to attract readers to a blog — search engines love them because they connect searches with stuff they’re searching for. Of course the Web is now awash in how-to’s, but a guide to a very distinct activity or interest can still draw a crowd if you’re careful not to repeat what’s already out there.