We’re supposed to be entertaining?

April 15, 2004

George Kelly sent along this Boston Globe story revealing:

… Hollywood is turning once again to the news business in search of laughs, drama, or just a story to tell. While O’Donnell hopes to finish a pilot for his show by late summer, no fewer than four other new sitcoms about journalists are already competing for prime time this fall on the broadcast networks.

Can the Rapture be much longer in coming?

One Response to We’re supposed to be entertaining?

  1. KP on April 17, 2004 at 1:52 pm

    “If popular culture is part funhouse mirror, part Rorschach blot, what are we to make of this surge of interest in journalists? Partly, it is that the character of a reporter has always made a handy proxy for audiences, who can see the action through the journalist’s eyes. But it also seems to stem from the current celebritization of a trade that was once considered home to ink-stained wretches.”
    Oh my. My.
    That story is filled with interesting tidbits.
    Before I recently tossed my television out the window ala c.1970s SCTV, I used to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I also noticed that the viewers never get to see ol’ sports scribe Ray on the job. Even on the television series “The Odd Couple,” we saw writer Oscar Madison (played so well by curmudgeon-in-waiting Jack Klugman) plying his trade, did we not?
    Ink-stained wretch indeed.