Obligatory drunken Hunter Thompson link

March 31, 2004

The Doc favors Duke in the Final Four. Safe to say that Duke does not favor him, considering his shenanigans during an alleged lecture in the mid-70s. In his ESPN column, HST quotes George Plimpton’s account of the point where things went too far (HST had just called the president of the university a “pig-fucker”) and “the Hook” was sent his way to usher him away from the podium.

The “hook” had been a small blond girl sent out by the head of the lecture committee; when Thompson saw her coming, he tossed the Wild Turkey, along with the ice cubes, high in the air, a fountain of resignation, and he walked off with her. He said that the booze had fetched up against the velvet curtain behind his head and left a noticeable stain that he hoped was still there … to backdrop future speakers as they leaned solemnly against the lectern.

HST’s stories are always wonderful, and some of them might actually be true. Not that I’d be brave enough to call him on it. He’s too cranky and heavily armed.

2 Responses to Obligatory drunken Hunter Thompson link

  1. Greg on April 2, 2004 at 8:40 am

    I think you have a great idea on printing everything Thompson. It’s obvious someone needs to trail that lunatic to protect the innocent. You should create a category for these postings though.