Get the nearby news

January 30, 2004

Tim Porter links to interesting details about how people are most inclined to open a newspaper for local news — several times more likely than they would be for TV or the Internet.

The glass offices where this sinks in are not in papers with circulations below, say, 250,000. The place where it needs to sink in as all the bigger papers with delusions of national-coverage grandeur.

Local news is the only edge dead-tree newspapers have … the Web and TV can pound us on everything else. And with local news blogs popping up all over the place it’s only a matter of time till the Web starts chipping away at our sole advantage.

One Response to Get the nearby news

  1. Bill Maciver on February 1, 2004 at 7:25 pm

    For an example of a local news blog that is giving broadcast and newspaper outfits a run for their money see
    This weekend is a good example — the founder of a well known local retailer died early Saturday, WestportNow had the news and a couple of pictures by mid-day.
    None of the three area dailies had anything in their Sunday papers. The local cable news outfit finally had something Sunday afternoon. The town’s weeklies don’t come out until Wednesday.
    And this isn’t the first time.