Job update

October 7, 2003

Washington Post needs somebody to take Bill Walsh’s job when he becomes National Desk copy chief. Amusing aside: the Post’s collected copy desk bosses call themselves the Joint Chiefs of Copy.

Refreshing aside: The St. Pete Times posts a straightforward ad for a copy editor/designer on the Metro Desk instead of getting all cutesy (and silly)

Here’s another of those “be a copy editor in Paradise” ads, this one for the main paper on the Big Island.

I can’t help but link to New York Post ads, because I always dream of writing those huge headlines.

I have no idea what kind of work environment awaits at the Hannibal Courier-Post. I’m linking to their ad for a sports editor because it’s Mark Twain’s hometown, and because I’ve stared out over the Mississippi River from a bluff over looking the town.

Cincinnati Enquirer needs a “visual journalist,” which make sense because its pages are not printed in Braille.

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