Publicists, take heed

September 25, 2003

This is a boldfaced rant to any of you who send us publicity stills of rock ‘n’ roll bands: Give us the names of the people in the picture, for Christ’s sake!

This really happened to me just last week: I’m putting together the centerpiece for the Blind Boys of Alabama and the designer hands me a printout of the lead picture — three guys looking like they take fashion instruction from Ray Charles. The caption says: Blind Boys of Alabama and nothing else.

My ensuing stomping and swearing are already enshrined in FDESK lore. It wasn’t that I was actually angry, just totally exasperated that such a simple problem never goes away. Day after day we have to go to the Internet and compare the people in our pictures to pictures on Web pages and make our best guess of who is who.

Here is one case where I will tell somebody else how to do their job: If you want publicity for your clients, you have to tell us who the hell they are.

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